General Information

Pest Control

Common Pest Control Solutions: Techniques for treating pests in , each different type of insect and or rodent must be handled in a different way. The pest control technician’s plan of action will differ from customer to customer. However, there are some simple methods used to eradicate bugs such as ants, fire ants, spiders, wasps and mice. Call Cost Less Pest Control & Termite 800-780-0415 for a free estimate


Ant & Fire Ants: Fire ant problems, similar to baits for foraging ants, granular baits are placed close to fire ant mounds and used by the fire ants to take back to their mound colonies. These baits are slow acting, and they kill the ants from inside the mound. If the technician sees a noticeable mound, they can also destroy it with liquid or dry chemicals that will quickly kill the fire ants inside of the mound ant problem call Cost Less Pest Control & Termite 800-780-0415

Rodent Control

Mice & Rodent Control: Mice and rodents can be hard to eliminate, especially when cold weather causes them to try and find a warm place to nest. If you are seeing chewed up cloth or newspapers or hear rustling at night you may have a rodent problem. If you are seeing unusual droppings or suspect you may have some unwelcome critters in your home, attic or garage call Cost Less Pest Control & Termite 800-780-0415 we serve

Some general Information about rodents:

Siberian Chipmunk

The Siberian chipmunks are typical for having five dark and white stripes, 18 to 25 cm long on their backs; the middle stripe is continuous along the tail. The weight of an adult is normally 50 to 150 g that varies based on the time of the year. When compared to the Sciuridae rodents, like the Red Squirrel, the Siberian chipmunk is comparatively small. Chipmunks have lasting memories, and are very timid. In case you scare them, they will bear it in mind and refuse you, until you regain trust in them. Initiate your intimacy with them by feeding them through the bars of the cage and gradually feed them from the palm of your hand from inside the cage.

Zebra Mice

The Zebra mice belong to the genus of murine rodents hailing from Africa; they are also at times called striped grass mice. They have black stripes that extend from head to tail on their dorsal surface and either side, with a brownish body. Their length ranges from 18.5 – 29 cm (7.3 – 11.4 in) almost half of which is the tail. They weigh 18 – 70 g (.63 – 2.47 oz).  A few zebra mice adjust well to handling, but an expert in exotic rodents is best to handle them. With age, a few zebra mice grow more attached to their owners, more so in case of the death of a cagemate.