Guide To Pet Rodents

African Dormice

African dormice (Graphiurus spp) are tiny nighttime rodents; they are now infrequent in laboratory settings. These African Pygmy Dormice otherwise called micro squirrels are lovely, charming and dazzling animals for you to have. The body length of these small rodents measures from 6 to 19 cm (2.4 to 7.5in), They weigh from 15 to 180 g (0.53 to 6.350z). They normally look like a mouse; the difference is their furry, but not scanty tail. You cannot handle them easily, because they are very fast; still it is possible to scoop them on the day when they are dopey, to enable you to clean the vivarium.


Agouti belonging to the genus Dasyprocta (punctata) is a variety of tropical American rodents that have 11 types. There are a number of them in central and South America. The fur on them contains pigments in a particular design of which every hair has many bands of dark and light pigments with the tip, black. An agouti weighs 6 kg (13 lbs); its body is long 76 cm (2.5 feet). They have heavy buttocks and big heads with slim legs. Agoutis are very loving and playful. Most of them love cuddling.

Acacia rats

The Rodent, Acacia rats, belonging to the family of Muridae, is comparatively unusual as pets in the UK. Ongoing imports, serving the increasing number of breeders is increasing their popularity. They live for more or less 3 years; some even live for even 5 years.  They live either in harmony in colonies in a mixed sex. The acacia rats grow to a length of 12 to 16 cm, with a tail length 13 to 21 cm and a weight 50 to 100 g. These medium size rodents have long tails of brown. You can handle and tame them. For those who like to own rodents, this stunning curious creature, the Acacia rat is a good pet.