Information On Different Types of Rodents


Among the varieties of rodents, Capybaras (capybara hydrochoerus) are the biggest; almost a man’s weight. These extraordinary animals, like pigs have, largely adapted to an aquatic style of life; they mate even in water. The head of the capybara is short whilst the body is barrel-shaped. Reddish-brown fur covers the upper part of its body and gradually fades to yellowish-brown beneath its body. We see the sweat glands on the surface of the hairy parts of its skin. Capybaras love social connections with their family members, people, or at times other type of animals. Provide a capybara a companion or spend quality time with your pet.

Chinese Hamster

The Chinese Hamster Cricetulus is a charming being; and just like a harvest mouse, its habits appeal to the fingers of those who handle it,. It is a magnificent pet, very intelligent and has a very good personality. The body of a Chinese hamster appears ‘thin and long’ when compared to the other hamsters. The tail is comparatively long (for a hamster). A tiny slim hamster attaining the size of an adult is almost 4 inches (10cm) long. Once domesticated, it is a pleasure to manage the Chinese hamster. A tamed Chinese hamster enjoys climbing on its caretaker’s sleeves or sitting on his/her hands.

Golden Hamster

Hamster Mesocericetus auraturs or the Golden Hamster or Syrian Hamster, belongs to the subfamily of the rodent Cricetinae. They are at risk in the wild; their numbers are reducing because of intentional devastation as well as farming of their habitat by human beings. The length of an adult animal varies from 5 to 7 in (13 to 18 cm), they live up to 2 or 3 years. Similar to most of the subfamily, the golden hamsters have cheeks with pouches that expand until their shoulders. These hamsters are larder hoarders in the wild; they use their cheek pouches to transport food to their burrows. The strongest sense of a Syrian hamster is smell; their respiratory system is very delicate. Keeping their environment clean needs special attention. Before handling them, always wash your hands.