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African Ground Squirrels Belonging to the Genus xerus, the African Ground Squirrels belong to the taxonomy of squirrels belonging to the minor family Xerinae. Those who have an African ground […]

Pet Rodents

Gerbils Gerbils come in several colors, are such charming pets and adjust very well to most of their handlers as they bite rarely and are curious animals. Out of all […]

Rodent Types

Harvest Mouse The harvest mouse, Micromys minutes, the tiny British rodent is largely inconspicuous to the human eye. It is natural to small habitats, not ideal at all times, although […]


Rodents are actually mammals and belong to the family Rodentia.  Their upper and lower jaws contain a pair of incisors that grow continuously as they keep on wearing them out […]

Two Most Popular Types Of Rats

This bushy-tailed jird, Sekeetamys calurus is a variety of rodents of the Muridae family. In the genus Sekeetamys, the Bushy-tailed jird is the solitary member. They are almost similar in […]

Guide To Pet Rodents

African Dormice African dormice (Graphiurus spp) are tiny nighttime rodents; they are now infrequent in laboratory settings. These African Pygmy Dormice otherwise called micro squirrels are lovely, charming and dazzling […]

Big Types Of Pet Rodents

Patagonian Mara Mara Dolichotis patagonum, is comparatively a huge rodent of the Mara genus (dolichotis) which they otherwise call Patagonian Cavy, dillaby or Patagonian. The Patagonian Mara looks like The […]

Information On Different Types of Rodents

Capybaras Among the varieties of rodents, Capybaras (capybara hydrochoerus) are the biggest; almost a man’s weight. These extraordinary animals, like pigs have, largely adapted to an aquatic style of life; […]